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I hope everyone is doing good this weekend. Today is the beginning of the Sunshine State Book Festival sponsored by the Writers Alliance of Gainesville Florida (WAG). Thus, this posting and Shameless Promotion of my First Video Gig. One of my clients, Lacey Dancer, commissioned me to do a reading on video from her latest book for this all digital book festival. It is a great way to advertise your business as well as helping the authors with marketing their books. I have done some quick quotes for her book trailers but those were strictly voiceovers. This time I would be dressing the part too!

With giddy anticipation, I prepared for my role by getting into costume, putting on makeup, setting up cameras in my studio, and practicing my lines. This was a full 10 minutes of reading on tape and I had to be completely still because I didn’t have an ‘official’ green screen background. I had to edit it in using video creation software. The videographer, Jolene MacFadden, wanted to put me into a military helicopter and change the scene twice through the reading. Yes, I had to do the video a couple of times. It turns out it is harder than you think to be still, evoke emotion into your voice and change your tones for different characters. A true learning experience and may be fun to again.

Check out the results on the website. The video and site links will be available for the next 6 months.

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