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Making macarons during hurricane season is a terrible idea, I have learned. Any seasoned baker will know, you can have the right flour, use every tip and trick in the book, but if it’s humid outside, those cookies will not turn out. Recording audiobooks can be very much the same. You can have the microphone, the computer, and the space to work but getting in there and getting it done can sometimes feel as hopeless as making macarons during hurricane season. As far as baking goes, I’ll just have to wait for better weather. Deadlines however, are not so forgiving as a quarantine hobby. Luckily, I have a few tricks I like to use when my job starts to feel like work.

When I am struggling to get myself into the studio, it helps just to read the book I’m working on. It not only gets my brain thinking about work, but before long I’m reading out loud, making faces and scaring my family. A natural next step is to get comfortable. Sitting up straight with good posture, but in a sturdy, comfortable chair is the best way to help me stay focused. Also, squeaking chairs do not sound good behind a steamy bedroom scene. Then all I need to do, is get myself in front of a microphone! It’s not magic. It’s just knowing what works best for me.

It has taken about two years and many failed alternatives to figure that out. So if you’re having a similar issue, don’t worry, and don’t be afraid to try something different! If it’s not working now, what do you have to lose? A deep breath and a five minute break mid-recording can also do wonders for your mental health, trust me.

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