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Becoming a voice actor is different for almost everyone out there. There are a number of steps you will need to take, but the order in which you take them, and where, matters just as much as the ever present question “How?”. I get that question so often, “How do I become a Voice Actor?” and also “Is my voice good for Voice Work?” but it’s not that simple.

For instance, once I decided that THIS was the career for me, I went out and bought an inexpensive microphone and a stupid expensive computer, got it all home, plugged it in, and sat there on the floor of my closet staring at the thing. Yikes. A million questions popped up.

It was then, I realized that not only was I in way over my head, but there was no one there who was going to hold my hand and show me the way. I found my way through pure persistence. It took hours of research, on things I never thought I would have to know. I had to learn what my microphone could do, and more importantly, what it couldn’t do. I had to figure out how to use the settings in my audio recording program, then decide to upgrade. Most importantly, I had to find a place to audition., the website for producing audiobooks for turned out to be that place. It taught me how to set up my studio properly, and what standards I needed to meet. It still took a lot of extra research on my part, but eventually I managed to find my feet.

My story, however is not quite over yet. It’s just getting started.

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