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Keeping at it is difficult. Sometimes it can feel impossible. Deadlines pile up and pass you by, and it feels like you may never catch up again. I have found that when things begin to look bleak, a tiny step forward is still progress. It may look as small as doing one load of laundry, or recording ten minutes of audio. Any second of effort you put in now, will be one less second that is jamming your schedule tomorrow. Even if your clothes don’t make it to the dryer and need to be rewashed, or your recording doesn’t meet standards, you will still be more practiced, and wiser than you were the day before. Sometimes all you need is one small push in the right direction.
Mine has come from the incredible support I have received from the people that believe in me. They keep me honest, and remind me to keep going. Writing a schedule has never worked for me, so we found a way that did. I wasn’t getting enough studio time, so we moved it into our home. I wasn’t happy with the quality of my work, so we bought a new program. These small changes have added up to momentous progress, which I get to carry forward with me. I know I will never regret sticking with it, but I will regret giving up.
I once read that we do not choose who we fall in love with, but we can choose who we stay in love with. Applying this to our vocation can mean the difference between a career that we are passionate about, and resigning it to a hobby that never takes off. Remember, when life piles on, and it seems like there is too much, success boils down to keeping at it!

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